Collaborative project to design a future urban mobility system for Audi.


UX Lead


10 Weeks


Global Team

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The Academy of Art University and Audi AG collaborated to design the future of urban mobility for Audi customers in the year 2050 in California. There were five teams that each designed their own experience for Audi and a Global Team that were in charge of creating a design path as well as how the experience would look for the Audi customers.


Creating the design process for the five teams

Leading the user experience for the teams

Designing a new typeface for Audi AG

Designing and Creating the website for Audi AG.

Redesigning the AI Experience for Audi

Creating the Audi Synergy Home for Audi Customers



Prioritising the design process

As we started the design process, the Global Team brainstormed what we wanted our focus to be. We wanted the teams to focus on their persona and where and how they live before focusing on the car. The goal here was to create a set of five different target audiences who would be our power users.



Philosophical Statement

Creating an independent relationship between the driver and the car will not only allow the user to relax but create a more enjoyable experience. For the interface to have longevity, we must adapt to every user’s need and wants versus our urban society.



Audi Synergi

Synergy is a unique experience by Audi Beyond, linking people of all lifestyles together to interact in the versatile world of Audi. Synergy serves as a place to recharge. Spending time working in our café, recharging in our parking pods, or relaxing in our premium Audi lounge, the possibilities are endless. A place where all can unite and prosper: Synergy.

Where Our Personas Live

The global team laid down a manifesto and a philosophical direction for the architecture of each team. The designs range from mid-century to Bauhaus design, following the styleguide from the Global Team.



Connecting Car & Architecture

Each team designed their own car concept. Our biggest goal here was to show off how the car would connect the persona to the architecture, showing customers that the full Audi experience is so much more than just the car.


Digital Experience

Car & Home Experience

The digital experience had to be consistent between teams. The UX part of the Global Team developed a styleguide and helped to design all the experiences that would represent Audi.


Web Design

Final Website

I lead the direction for how the final website would look. I created a wireframe for each project and added descriptions of what I wanted to include in each section.

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type design

Custom made typeface: Ingolstadt Display

As an extra for the website, I designed my own typeface. The typeface was heavily inspired by the Bauhaus Design. Every letter is based on perfect geometry (circles and rectilinears) and the typeface was used for headers on the website as well as project headers.

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