Nice to
meet you!

Half Icelandic and half Mexican. Coming from a multi-cultural upbringing, I only want to bring the best of both worlds into my designs that are colourful, bold and detail-oriented.

I do not only strive to design great experiences, but give all my time for the research to accomplish it. Working with talented creatives from different fields is an endless source of inspiration for me. It pushes me outside my comfort zone and drives the curiosity that was the reason I got into design in the first place.

I love to make things. I love working with my hands, drawing, writing, and creating. I love working with different programs and gaining knowledge from more experienced people in the industry. But, to be honest, I have to say that most of my love goes to my mom, puppies and girlfriend. Not necessarily in that order.

What my best friends know

I’ve been playing soccer since I was 4 years old. Today, I’m approaching my second year as a captain for the AAU Mens Soccer team.

I studied piano for 13 years. Well, my mom made me—but today I’m really greatful that she kept pushing me!

I became a puppy parent in early 2020, and today I can share with you all the tricks for how to get your puppy to stop bringing sticks back to the apartment.

Books that inspired me and might inspire you as well